Hey Guys, Pack your bags?? for Amazing Adventures Destination LAHAUL SPITI Awesome trip by Road?? in Cool Himalayan ⛰️???

We take u on a most spectacular journey called ? MINI LADAKH the cold desert mountains of SPITI VALLEY nestled in the high Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh SPITI VALLEY is a Trans Himalayan region at an altitude of ?? 11000+feet. The district of Lahaul-Spiti is a cold desert area as it hardly gets any rain So places to visit in Lahaul Spiti have a unique terrain that is exciting and adventurous.

LAHAUL SPITI is in the arms of nature ??? in its wildest most primitive form. Having remained blissfully untouched by mass tourism. Its famous over 500 yrs old mummy of a Buddhist monk, On a small hillock just on the outskirts of the GIU VILLAGE in a small room inside a glass cabin lies the mummy of an old monk. The twin valleys are unsurpassed in their. HIKKIM VILLAGE has a post office situated at an elevation of 4,400 m (14,400 ft) and this post office is the highest post office in the World ?
The thrill of negotiating some of the worlds highest and treacherous terrains will leave you Spellbound !!!!!
Masti n unforgettable sweet memories...

There will be no compromises on Safety ,Health ,Hygiene & Value....
Good value for good money will be the new mantra.....



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