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Intensive Courses 4 weeks.

Do not look after your health, look after others health and yours will always be perfect.

Join us in our Intensive Acupuncture Courses and practice acupuncture with a great number of patients. This is your unique adventure, for all your life, help us to cure hundreds of patients and learn for yourself the basis of diseases, the mysteries underneath problems.(no experience required)

Acupuncture is a method of learning as well as a method of work; but nothing but Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is so easy to acquire, based upon natural relationships within our inner organs, just the same as our everyday relationships (Merit of Excellence).
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- Diagnosis by taking the pulse (for subliminal)
- Diagnosis through breath (Organ subconscious)
- Diagnosis by tongue (pathogenic factors)
- Diagnostics via the Wheel and the Tower of Breathing.
- Renames the "spirits" or traditional subconscious (which greatly facilitates the diagnosis and explanation to the patient)
- Rename all the meridians and acupuncture points (which greatly facilitates decision making in selecting the correct points for each treatment).

All details contained in the book - Full Course
Come to work, to see for yourself, to help and cure for yourself. Around 30 to 50 patients per day in your hands and under the supervision of a great master - Tradicional Chinese Medicine.

Enlarge your personal experience

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