YouTube Meetup in Rajkot open to all ( Creators and users of YouTube). All categories are welcome!


YouTube is best platform to share your knowledge and skills with millions of people. You can Express your passion via YouTube.


YouTube being the best video viewing platform to share knowledge and people intend to make money as its an innovative and creative way.


Our goal is to encourage and collaborate with creative enthusiastic YT creators. We also believe that India will start discovering more and more YT creators who surpass 50 million subscribers more than 100.


Things we can do together in this meetup:


1. Meet and talk with other YouTube creators.

2. Ask queries and problems related to video making and YouTube.

3. Find other YouTube creators to collab with and make videos.

4. Build active YouTube community in city.


Who should attend?


  • Housewives
  • School & College Level students
  • People looking out to earn from their hobbies
  • Beginners looking for guidance
  • Working professional and well as job seekers
  • Professionals looking for a second income
  • People who want to explore this field without any technical knowledge
  • Anyone looking for a good field to explore (All ages)





You should know basic usage of computers & internet

Hope you guys will be there. Fill your appropriate details.


Limited Seats! Hurry Up!!!



This is peer to peer learning meetup. we are trying to build community of YouTubers creators. Which can help to learn and grow together. We need minimum 10 people for this meetup to make more interesting and engaging. Event will be canceled if we cant get enough participants.


Exact meetup location will sent to registered person.


You can also get training and guidance to get foreigner travelers to be part of your YouTube videos in your city or village for free. Actual cost of this training is 1000rs. but you can get it for free if you register for this meetup.




Economy of videos. YouTube like platforms has created new ways of watching videos for learning and entertainment. These platforms also make whole new ways to create content for entertainment and knowledge sharing.


YouTube is platform for earning money for anyone who want to share their talent and knowledge. Anyone means anyone. it doesnt matter if you are smart or dumb tall or small pretty or ugly educated or illiterate earning good money or jobless small kid or old men men or women or transgender fit or having physical defects expert in some field or new learner of that field student or professionals making videos of you or animals.


You make good quality content with creative ways which people start enjoy watching. then you can get good subscriber base and also get good watchtime to earn money on YouTube.

But at the same time YouTube is not for everyone. means there are so many creators who are making good videos but still they cant make good money.


BUT never loose your hope. You should start making good quality content videos with creative ideas and with good way of presentation. dont invest too much money on camera and setup. try to make videos as hobby and once you start getting good watchtime on YouTube then start focusing more as a main stream earnings. if you are making more money than your job or business.


This is not official YouTube meetup. This meetup organized by YouTube enthusiastic people.


Top 10 youtubers in Rajkot


Denish Tanna

Tech DSR

Vc Vlogs

Het ni vato

Bhavin Weekend

Mina Ajudiya Vlogs