Many yogi’s describe the Great Himalayas, as the closest you can come to God. For over 1000’s of years, pilgrims have described a journey into the Himalayas as pure medicine for the soul. With all the yogic practice of asana, meditation and pranayama, you will also explore the Himalayas with all its beauty.

Join us on our Himalayan Retreat. Breath in the fresh air while you walk your way into the beautiful Himalayan mountains. Hikes, good food and yoga will give you a challenging and grounding experience. This retreat is truly a spiritual and physical journey. Challenge yourself on this 8 day retreat. You will be bursting with energy at the end.

- Daily Pranayama, Asana and Meditation Practice

- Vegetarian Sattvic Meals (3 a day) & Herbal Teas

- Experiencing the Yogic Life for 8 days

- Devria Tal Trekking

- Himalaya Hiking Trip (2 Days)

- Ganga Aarti

- Hiking to Chandrashila

- Deepening your own Yoga Practice